Workplace Relationship Counseling

Key working relationships are at the core of happiness, collaboration, and productivity.  When your boss or business partners are unable to provide needed support, work can become even more stressful and anxiety provoking. Before making any big decisions it can be helpful to get counseling to help you work through the problem and figure out steps you can take to improve your situation. Whether your focus is professional development, conflict resolution, or just survival, I’m here to help.


  • You made me take a really hard look at myself: at who I am, what defines me, and what brings me the most happiness and fulfillment. I have started to listen and be true to who I am and I have found so much confidence and assurance. I have thought back to our sessions and things you said on a number of occasions as I was facing various situations. Thank you for your insights and support, especially when I seemed crazy. Life has worked out extremely well thus far, so thanks!
    — former therapy client
  • He not only knows what he’s doing and how to help you get where you need to go, he actually cares as well and is willing to take the extra time to make sure you get the results you are looking for.
    — CEO, Services Company
  • When I first hired Sasha to coach me, I had a number of goals for myself that at the time seemed like huge dreams that would be extremely difficult to achieve. Sasha guided me and was able to bring out my potential. A few years later, the career goals I had have all been achieved, sooner than anyone would have ever thought imaginable.
    — former coaching client