I wasn’t born a therapist.

In fact, this is my second career. I spent over a decade in the corporate world and in startups before realizing I was ready for my next challenge. With an office in the Financial District, many of my clients are also corporate, so I fully understand the stress and pressure of your day (and night, and 24/7) job.

I wasn’t always into sleep.

I mean sleeping, yes, but sleep as a specialty came about slowly. I noticed how many of my clients mentioned offhand that they weren’t sleeping, but never connected that to their lowered performance, bad moods, impatience, and generally feeling down.

When my wife and I had a child and immediately spent a year in severe sleep deprivation, my interest spiked hard. I dedicated myself to learning about how sleep deprivation affects people and how to overcome insomnia without dependence on drugs, misinformation, and gadgets that don’t work.

The Dalai Lama and I are old buds.

I’ve known him since I was three. Well, I mean, I sat on his lap when I was three and he blessed me. Almost positive he remembers it as well as I do...so yeah, we’re tight.

Honestly, though, that Dalai Lama visit was part of a larger picture of my childhood, raised in a family that valued mindfulness and meditation. I learned to meditate as a toddler, and though it’s only one tool in my toolbox now, it’s second-nature to me to help others develop more presence, excitement, and aliveness in their lives.

I develop leaders.

You’ll only get so far in life and work without self-reflection. I help leaders connect the dots and see the unseen patterns they repeat in different relationships and positions throughout their lives. The things holding you back can be resolved and overcome—but rarely alone. We can’t see the ways we curtail our success the way an outside observer can. A thoughtful, reflective conversation once a week skyrockets successful leaders in a way few other tools can.

I develop partners.

Founding your startup together sounded awesome, right? Best friends, same vision, same excitement: what could go wrong? Then you realized you were now basically married to this person, and stuck with them 24/7, and their little idiosyncrasies were way worse than leaving dishes in the sink. You started this business to be happier: not stressed and miserable. So what now? Get my help. You need clear systems, expectations, and an understanding of one another’s strengths and vision. And you need me to help you get there.

Work isn’t everything.

Besides coaching and doing therapy, I have taught several courses, including advanced family systems, to Master’s level students of clinical psychology at Saybrook University. In my spare time (which as a parent doesn’t leave much), I love trail running, hearing live music, traveling, cooking, and spending quality time with friends and family.

 Okay, now it’s your turn ツ