360 Leadership Assessment

Comprehensive feedback is the single most difficult communication to elicit from others and simultaneously the most critical information to your success as a business leader. In coaching programs, the 360-degree assessment is conducted early and is utilized as a key part of planning and goal creation.


How do you get the feedback you need

If your closest colleague felt safe enough to truly speak their mind, what would they say about your ability to be an effective leader?  If these same people are holding the secrets to your further success, wouldn’t it make sense to ask them what they are? The problem is that hierarchical structures and workplace politics make it difficult to get trusted and comprehensive feedback.

How assessments are used

Coaching begins with an assessment phase to gather key information prior to pressing forward with a plan of action.  An assortment of assessment tools is utilized to provide vital feedback and understanding of current leadership practices and help to lay a foundation for further development.  

The information gathered in assessments are utilized to develop metrics to measure the effectiveness of each and every coaching relationship.  Assessments are used at both the beginning and end of coaching as one of many ways that we track your progress and results during your coaching relationship.