Co-founder Coaching & Business Relationships

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Co-founder coaching is a process designed to restore trust, gain a sense of equality, and improve communication in business relationships. It is important to seek help when issues first emerge for more successful outcomes.


How can co-founder coaching help my business relationships 

Is your start-up or small business in trouble because of key relationship problems? Expert advice and counseling in relationships and communication can make the difference that you and your company desperately need

Starting a successful company is hard enough. The last thing you need is problems between leaders that thwart your ability to be effective. Be proactive and make relationships a core competency rather than a barrier. Creating an exceptional company culture begins with you.


Why I am uniquely qualified to help

My job is to help build trust, communication and empathy. 

I have the training and skills to approach relationship issues from a deeper understanding than many other coaches. Following my experience in corporate management and start-ups, I have worked as a therapist and clinical counselor for the past ten years.

By resolving conflicts and, more importantly, figuring out a way to prevent future problems, I support business partners to work together as a cohesive team. Work with me to build these skills and create a foundation for the success of your company.


Why businesses fail

Relationship problems between co-founders are among the biggest reasons companies don't succeed. So much of the star-up process involves getting the business up and running. Often times little attention is given to the relationships that drive the company, until it is perhaps too late.


The business relationship wasn’t supposed to be the hard part

Relationship problems often catch us by surprise. People get together to run a business because they believe that they can work well together.  Business partners are chosen based on shared ideas and existing relationships.

Co-founders tend to believe they can bypass work on the relationship because they already know their business partners.


Stress in business relationships

Business relationships can struggle initially when faced with decisions regarding legal agreements, board composition, and raising capital. 
Additional stressors can emerge when revenue dips, key customer acquisitions are missed, and other critical decisions need to be made. 
Success can also lead to stress on partners when companies are suddenly infused with a lot of cash and power and need to answer to investors.


Can we work it out on our own?

Unanticipated relationship challenges can emerge at any time. Everyone behaves differently under stress and sometimes the person you thought you knew so well can surprise you and you can even surprise yourself. 

The tendency is to want to bury the hatchet and put it all behind you, but if your level of trust has been shaken or your sense of contribution is obstructed, the relationship can sour further rather than rebound.


Relationship dynamics at work

In a lot of business partnerships, there is often one founder who is more dominant, while the other founder/s might not feel like they're being heard or respected. The result is an imbalance that causes good ideas to get dismissed and opportunities lost. 

Once any kind of setback occurs, which of course is inevitable, partners begin looking for someone to blame and start bickering over things that were previously non-issues.


Co-founder coaching can help

Co-founder coaching can be beneficial to most business relationships. When star-ups and small businesses are stressed by potential growth, new communication skills and insights can help partners work through difficult decisions together.

Work with me to build important skills and create a foundation for the success of your company.